Helping Prevent A Blocked Toilet

There are probably few things that frustrate people than a blocked toilet. Watching the water seemingly take forever to go down. This is something which is usually preventable but also easily dealt with by the homeowner. Ideally if you have a dual flush toilet (short and long flush) then the solution is to use 2 short flushes with less waste material such as toilet tissue per flush. The water used will roughly equate to one long flush anyway but you are discarding less waste material per flush.

Many homes have different waste systems so it is always wise to assume yours maybe narrow and use a little commonsense, half a toilet roll not easily get flushed away ! Sometimes children will drop things into the toilet but this is not the most common cause of a blockage, the most common cause is too much waste material. So flush more often, help prevent a blocked toilet.


If your toilet does get blocked then a good, large sized plumbers plunger will do the trick 95% of the time. The aim is to get the plunger to seal the water at a given point so the pressure of pumping dislodges the blockage. The use of gloves would be recommended as would older clothes. Wait until the water level is has drained to near normal level, this may take some time. Add a little washing up liquid and allow to settle for 5 minutes before using the plunger, this helps dislodge the blockage when you start using the plunger. The idea is to place the plunger in the toilet below the water as far as it will go, then start “pumping” with the plunger, then pull the plunger quickly out of the water, this causes a vacuum type effect which further helps remove the blockage.


In most cases this will unblock your toilet and persistence will see the blockage fixed in 95% of cases. It should only be necessary to call a plumber in around 5% of blockages if you use a large, quality plunger, noo home should be without one. If you would like further information on the plumbing services we offer, please check our plumbing services page.


Gas Safety

It goes without saying no attempt should be made to repair a gas appliance. Only gas safety certified installers are, by law, permited to install or repair gas appliances. Having a carbon monoxide alarm installed if you have any gas appliances should be a no brainer if you value and your families safety.

Those carbon monoxide stickers which change colour will not wake you should you have an unexpected gas leak. Gas is a highly useful energy however,safety should always come first. Any boiler repairs, gas appliances should be installed by a local gas safe registered installer. You should ask to see the installers card and check their details HERE.

We recommend you read through the gas safe website for more information on gas safety. In the meantime if you require any further plumbers services please visit out plumbing services webpage.

Go green

Environmental issues are at the forefront of many a debate. There are options for helping do your bit when you have a new bathroom fitted. If you have an older property you can be assured you are wasting alot of water everytime you flush your toilet. New regulations for new build homes have introduced measures whereby WC’s fitted must be water efficient cisterns. A short and long flush is a now a common fitting on new WC’s to reduce water usage. So when you are upgrading your bathroom be sure and ask your plumber about these new “greener” options.

Showers can also be greener, special fittings can be used within the shower to increase the perceived pressure whilst using less water. We are not telling you that you must live green, it does make sense though when upgrading your bathroom, if you can fit greener bathroom fittings which will not even have a noticable effect on you , to opt for these fittings. We could mention baths come in eco low capacity ranges, but if you enjoy a long, comfortable soak, you might not be ready for those just yet !


Plumbing Emergencies – What To Do

At this time of year a harsh frost can cause pipes to burst, the damage this can inflict on your home can be severe. Firstly, prevention. The best solution is to do everything possible to avoid the problem in the first place, no guarantees , but making sure sure your pipes are properly lagged and insulated is a big step in avoiding a burst pipe in the first place. Burst pipes are caused by the water in the pipes freezing and expanding, this process soon finds any weak joints or areas of plumbing.

If you are in your home with the heating on, you are alot less likely to suffer burst pipes than if you are away for a few days with the heating off during a frosty spell. If you go away it can be a good idea to set the heating to go on periodically so ensure the house has some heat in it. This heat may be enough to prevent your pipes bursting. Better still, if a friend can call round and check your home when you’re away.

You should always know where your main water shut off valve(s) are, BEFORE you need to use them 9and your home inusrance emergency numbe should be at hand!). Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a burst pipe switch off the water supply as quickly and safely as possible as well as calling your insurance company. Avoid touching any electrical outlets such as switches and appliances. Ask your insurance company for advice s regards to switching off the electricity.

Acting fast, when possible, will prevent alot of damage. Doing as much as possible to prevent a burst pipe such as insuring your lagging and insulation is sound and in good condition can help prevent the misery a burst pipe can cause. For further details of our plumbing services, check here.

Time for a New Boiler ?

With winter now upon us the boiler in your home is having to earn it’s keep. At this time of year your boiler is having to work it’s hardest and any problems will soon start showing themselves. A simple health check for your boiler is to look at the flame, it should be a nice bright blue. If the flame is orange, have the boiler checked out immediately this is potentially a health risk.

Boilers do have a certain efficiency life span this can be around 10-15 years, if the boiler has been regularly serviced, less if the boiler has not been serviced. Todays boilers are as efficient as they have ever been and even the cost of replacement and installation will reap long term savings on your energy bills.

If you’d like your boiler serviced, feel free to arrange a boiler service with us and keep your boiler in tip top condition