Go green

Environmental issues are at the forefront of many a debate. There are options for helping do your bit when you have a new bathroom fitted. If you have an older property you can be assured you are wasting alot of water everytime you flush your toilet. New regulations for new build homes have introduced measures whereby WC’s fitted must be water efficient cisterns. A short and long flush is a now a common fitting on new WC’s to reduce water usage. So when you are upgrading your bathroom be sure and ask your plumber about these new “greener” options.

Showers can also be greener, special fittings can be used within the shower to increase the perceived pressure whilst using less water. We are not telling you that you must live green, it does make sense though when upgrading your bathroom, if you can fit greener bathroom fittings which will not even have a noticable effect on you , to opt for these fittings. We could mention baths come in eco low capacity ranges, but if you enjoy a long, comfortable soak, you might not be ready for those just yet !



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